Welcome to the 25th Anniversary of the Intel Foundation

To commemorate our programs and initiatives and to celebrate the achievements of those impacted by them, we created a collection of videos, podcasts and infographics that highlight our belief that improving STEM education, empowering girls and women as well as underserved youth, and fostering meaningful engagement within our communities creates transformative opportunities for all. We are also hosting a crowdsourcing campaign to determine how we award $100K in grant funding within the sphere of education. We invite you to explore, participate and enjoy!


Download this commemorative booklet to discover more about our quarter century of educating, empowering and engaging.  Rich with images and words, this piece highlights many of the dedicated people and inspiring ideas behind the Intel Foundation’s past, present and future.  

25 Years of Engaging Communities


Every year, the Intel Foundation contributes millions of dollars toward community programs, disaster relief efforts, education grants, and more. More than 40% of the company’s employees are involved in the Intel Involved Volunteer Program, and together they donate thousands of hours to education, environmental programs, and other local community needs. Check out this infographic which highlights the Intel Foundation’s work in engaging communities over the last 25 years.

Tracking, Connecting and Coaching To Keep Kids in College

In this podcast, you will hear from Alex Bernadotte, sharing her story behind Beyond 12: an organization dedicated to increasing the number of low-income, first-generation underrepresented students who graduate from our nation’s colleges and universities. 

25 Years of Inspiring Underserved Youth


By gearing programs toward youth in underserved communities, the Intel Foundation provides opportunities for engaging with technology and learning life skills for those who would not otherwise have such opportunities. Check out this infographic which highlights the Intel Foundation’s work in inspiring underserved youth over the last 25 years.

Why Your Local Puddle May Be a Source of Biofuel

In this podcast, you will hear from Sara Volz, speaking about the discoveries she has made with algae as a source of biofeul, alongside Professor Melis who has been working with algae as a biofuel for decades, and has garnered countless awards and recognition, including from the US Department of Energy.

A sample tweet entry we received in response to our Twitter grant giveaway. Keep them coming!

In this podcast, Naomi talks about how her own family and home motivated her exploration of air quality. Joining her is UCSF professor and scientist Katherine Gundling offering her insights on the challenges of and preventative measures for respiratory illnesses.

In this episode of Inspiring Girls, you will hear from Michelle Hackman, sharing the discoveries she made in her research on the addictive power of texting, alongside Stephen Hartman, a psychologist based in San Francisco and a venerable expert on the psychology of cyberspace. He believes that texting, and the online world, offers a profound sense of possibility and imagination.